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Customer feedback

Angela G. - 2019

I have been riding with Monica for about 12 years.  She gave me and my husband the opportunity to trail ride and i discovered my love for riding and horses as an adult. Monica's horses are awesome and you have a real experience being on the trail. It is not like any other trail ride i have been on, where the horses keep their head down and just follow the trail. Monica pairs each of her horses to the riders ability, so they will have the best experience. Not only do you have a fun riding ,but you get to experience the beautiful trails and being outdoors.  If it wasn't for Monica and Black Mustang Ranch, i would never have had the opportunity to do what i always wanted to do! Thank You Black Mustang Ranch!

Diane C. - 2019

My husband and I are experienced riders and have been riding regularly with Monica and Allen at Black Mustang Ranch for about 6 months.  The horses Monica has chosen for us suit us perfectly and are absolutely wonderful.  Despite the rainy weather this year and the soggy trail conditions that's created, Monica's knowledge of the trail system in the area has enabled her to select different trails at different times to ensure we're always able to have a great ride.  Her love of and concern for her horses is without question, as is her attention to the safety of her riders.  We highly recommend Black Mustang!

Patti L. - 2019

My family and I have been riding at Black Mustang Ranch with Monica and Allen since 2007. Every time we’ve ridden with Monica we’ve been extremely and increasingly satisfied with Monica’s vast and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of horses as well as Monica’s and Allen’s overall horse sense. Having grown up on a family farm, I fully understand and completely appreciate the great expense, long days, hard physical work in any weather -cold, rain, high heat, ice. Been there and done that. I fully understand the depth and level of dedication that is required to own and operate a farm or ranch of any size.  This working ranch rocks because it is small, agile and dynamic to rescue horses - often with health needs and focuses resources to restore each horse to good health. The result clearly shows in every horse. Each one is awake, physically fit, happy, healthy, highly experienced yet spirited, extremely well trained, and very well behaved overall.

Monica and Allen do an excellent job sharing these beautiful, highly talented ponies with sweet personalities  with those possessing similar good horse sense and overall  common sense. Any who possess or need good quality horse education will value and thoroughly enjoy this riding experience.  All horse lovers who unselfishly respect horses, rules, nature, hard work, and other folks with good common horse sense will absolutely find and value this ranch. It’s a great place to support great Texas horses and business in Pilot Point - if not all of North Texas.

On the other hand if you lack common horse sense and want sleepy, nose to tail plodding nags who lack heart and good people with  gumption to do the hard work to provide great comprehensive horse care, that can easily be found elsewhere; and you’re likely to spend more too.

Dan C. - 2018

I took my boyfriend and we had such an amazing time.  The two hour ride with a picnic is definitely the way to go.   Thank you Monica for making our day very very special.    I think we ended up with 172 pictures!!!

Amanda J. - 2018

I love riding with Monica and her husband Alan. Their horses are trained well and very well taken care of. They match you up nicely and take you on wonderful rides.  The trails in the state park are lovely and it's a treat to get to ride by water here in land locked North Texas. My only regret is not being able to ride there more often.

Dana M. - October 2017

I really enjoyed the trail ride. Went with a group out at Lake Ray Roberts area. the pace was moderate or fast, whichever you needed. the horse was attentive & very calm. the trail leader kept track of us, pointing out landmarks on the way. The ride was awesome.

Natalie W. - December 2016

I have known Monica for 3 years now, I have been attending her camps and taking small lessons with her. She is a fantastic person to be around and she has trail rides for all levels of riders. I highly recommend using her for any trail rides:)

Earnie R. - October 2016

Miss M.... it's been a long time, thanks for the enjoyment you give us. 

Macy B. - October 2016

Amazing ride! Beautiful horses. Took my fiancé horse backing riding for the first time and the people there were so helpful! We had an awesome guide. Everything was honestly perfect! Will definitely go back many more times!

Sudhir N. - September 2016

Loved the horse rides. Monica is friendly and really likes what she does and it showed in how everyone in our group enjoyed the ride. We took the 1 hour horse ride. After everyone was saddled up and a little warm up, we went in a ride on a path that went across the road, along the lake shore, through the woods and back around. Horses behaved well and my boys ages 9 and 11 did well, even though it was their first time. Overall, very enjoyable experience. Will definitely come back.

Mickey W. - April 2016

My husband and I went on a 2 hr trail ride with Monica today. The trail in Ray Roberts Park was so beautiful this time of the year, with the sun Streaming through the trees, flowers blooming picture perfect. Beautiful Well trained, responsive horses a five star experience I highly recommend Black Mustang Ranch.

Sameer M. - March 2016

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I've ridden with Black Mustang a couple of times and have always had a great experience. Horses are well fed and trained and Monica and her staff are great people; very accommodating. While their rates are fair, that was NOT my motivation. I took my girls aged 7 & 9 for a 1 hr beginners ride during spring break. We all had our own horses. Shortly after starting, my 'baby' panicked and wanted to double up with me. Monica stopped the ride and personally assisted with hoisting my scared little kid off her horse and onto mine. It made for a great bonding opportunity for me and my baby. Monica is sincere, down to earth and hardworking. Her choice of trails is superb. Really straight narrow trails, with plenty of open space for a faster paced ride. We're all really looking forward to our next outing with Black Mustang.

Claudia A. - March 2016

If there was an option of more stars to rate our trail ride, I would give Black Mustang Ranch more! We absolutely loved our ride. Horses are so beautiful and great taken care of. Monica is amazing and was a great help. I will definitely come back and bring rest of family. Thank you for such an awesome experience!

Bob N. - June 2014

I was completing plans to visit my two grand children (they live in Frisco, I live in Florida) and I wanted to take them horseback riding. Although beginners I wanted a 2 hour ride in a beautiful country setting. I found Black Mustang Ranch on line and I am so pleased that I did. Our ride completely exceeded my expectations. We were welcomed by Monica, she selected excellent horses for my 9 year old grand daughter and 13 year old grandson and even grandpa! The trail wondered through a wooded area, it had some up's and down's and it also found its way along a sandy beach area on Lake Ray Roberts with great views of the lake. Monica provided tips especially for my grand daughter throughout the ride that not only helped her ride better but kept her very comfortable. The entire staff is terrific and highly professional. I would recommend Monica's Black Mustang Ranch to anyone who wants to ride in a beautiful location with highly customer focused professionals.

Earnie and Ally R. - May 2014                                                                                                                                        Monica and Allen, my daughter and me enjoyed our ride today!! Our 2 hours went so quickly, the horses were very good, each had a nice temperament . One of the best rides I've had in a long time, viewing the landscape with different terrains and Lake Ray Roberts. Allen was very engaging with the riders, while making sure everybody was comfortable and safe. The beauty of the ride is just so tranquil and quiet, the lake, the woods; I'm always reminded of that statement, "there's something about the outside of a horse that does wonders for the inside a person". Thank you Monica for the driving directions,  much better than the way I was going to come. Our best regards

Karen R. - January 2014

Monica, wanted to say that Saturday was a delight and so are you.  We enjoyed our morning immensely and will be back.  Your staff was professional and easy to be around.  You have made my granddaughter’s first ride on a horse memorable. My son, Jimmy said it was one of the better rides he has ever been on.  Looking forward to see you again.

Kay A. - November 2013

Hello Monica!!

 Myself and my fiancé had a truly AMAZING time riding! Our guide was FANTASTIC! and the trails were magical that time of day. Thank you so much for working us into your schedule so early and putting up with my millions of phone calls. We will surely be back to ride again.

 Cookie and Bailey were great too!

Thanks Again,

Airic P. - August 2013

My wife and I had a great time. Dalton was the best. Glad he was a part of our ride and I would request him again next time.

A Google User - 2012

Overall Excellent

OMGoodness! We absolutely had a BLAST on our trail ride. I am a very experienced rider but my husband is not so this makes it hard to find trail rides with horses that can accommodate both of us, but Monica did! The horses weren't your typical "barn-sour, butt to butt only" trail horses. They were well trained & cared for. And the trails! That is completely another story in itself! We had things to jump, the lake to ride in, places where we could go faster if we wanted. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to bring my grandkids back some time!

Hilary - 03/12/2011

I have been riding with my mother for 15 years. We've gone to several different places to ride and Black

Mustang Ranch was by far the best. The horses weren't dulled down by being forced to ride with their head in the other's butt. They actually had frisky energy, but took commands very well. If you haven't been riding long or wouldn't feel comfortable riding by yourself TELL MONICA IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU SCHEDULE YOUR RIDE THAT YOU HAVE LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE and she WILL take care of you. Monica is great to ride with. She actually talks and gets to know you instead of being serious and somber the whole time. We're going back next week.

Tom M. - 11/21/2010

We had a really nice (quick) time today on the horses.  The opinion from the kids was unanimous that it was the best ride to date. Thanks for the nice time out.  We will definitely be back.

icugrace - 06/15/10 

There is NO comparison in Texas for Monica's horse back riding adventures. If you cannot afford to own your own horse the Black Mustang Ranch rules! The trails are beautiful and in May she actually hand picks plums and blackberries for you during the ride. Her horses are very gentle and children have a great time. The equestrian trails are very peaceful and there is lots of shade!

A - 05/25/2010

The best trail ride ever!!! :) Thanks Monica for a great day!!! Can't wait to do more of them over here.

A - 05/26/10 

You lookin good. :-) love seeing you riding again, back where you always felt comfortable & peaceful

looking, at very pretty place & horses. Luv ya xoxoxo

Nancy P. - 06/01/2009

Monica does a great job and loves her horses, they are very well cared for and she will take you on a

beautiful ride!

HorseLover - 12/27/2008

This is a wonderful place to ride. And best of all, Monica takes wonderful care of all the horses. All are fat

and happy-no one is used if they have any health problems. Arrange trail riding around scenic lake or

closer to home at the barn facility. Can accommodate all levels of riders. We know how much work it is

to do what Monica does-she does not skimp on the horses. Enjoy!