Trail Rides and Specialty Rides

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trail rides
specialty rides

Rent one of our horses and a guide will help you explore the beautiful wildlife of these wonderful trails.

The terrain varies constantly, from rugged stony hills to sandy loam, and spectacular shores of the lake.

We will match you with your ideal horse based on your riding skills, from beginner to experienced.


Trail Rides

How much are the rides?

- 1 hr                              $50

- 1.5 hrs                         $70

- 2 hrs                            $90

- 2 hrs Picnic               $135  (private ride. Bring your food)

- 3 hrs                          $125

- 4 hrs WEP                $160  (Lake Ray Roberts)

- Excursion                  $180  (no food provided)

to other parks        (minimum 9.2 miles. Expect 3 hour in the saddle if you choose the shortest trail. 4+ hour long ride for other trails chosen. Leave farm in the morning and back in the afternoon)

  1. -ENDURO RIDE        $180   (Advanced endurance

                                                                   training  session)

2-3 hour ride (15 to 20 miles). High intermediate to advanced riders only (not for beginners unless they join the training program with North Texas Endurance Academy). Ride like an endurance rider with lots of trots and canter. We provide English endurance treeless saddle or Western, your choice. We recommend you bring a drink with electrolytes (i.e. Gatorade, etc), since this is a big workout!

  1. -MRC: 10-ticket multi ride card        $450

  (1 hour each. 10 hours for the price of 9)

Call or text at 817-915-8455 or

send your horse request to

Please allow 1 to 2 days to ensure availability.

Specialty Ride Packages


Horses standing at a Picnic ride



credit card through Paypal email

Call 817-915-8455

Cancelation policy is 24 hrs before your ride.

It is not a problem if you cannot make it,

but please call or text us to cancel it or schedule it to another day.

If the weather is too bad to ride then we will call you to re-schedule.

2 hour package. Let’s ride to the shore of Lake Ray Roberts and sit on the sand. Bring your own food and drinks to your romantic adventure. Your guide will carry them for you, tablecloth included! Sorry, but no alcohol is allowed in the State Park, but we can still make it fun! Be warned and be ready to get some sand on your pants!

Wilderness Exploration Package W.E.P. and Excursions

Get ready to spend half a day in the saddle!

We will explore different terrains where you will be able to practice all gaits (walk, trot, canter) along the water-side, through lush forests, follow the game tracks and possibly getting face to face with a few coyotes or wild turkeys.

This is a true 4-hour-ride with just a couple of breaks (not for the faint of heart)! =)

Bring snacks if you like and water, too!


BEGINNER: A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter. WT (walk, trot).

INTERMEDIATE: A rider, who is capable of mounting and dismounting without assistance, comfortable and in control at the walk, posts at trot or sitting trot and canters. WTC (walk, trot, canter).

ADVANCED: An intermediate rider with an independent seat and light hand who rides regularly. WTC (walk, trot, canter). Also capable of handling more spirited horses and is comfortable in the saddle for much longer rides (over 4 hours).

Weight limit

220 lbs

Click on the picture below to see Bruno’s video  (trot/canter on trail-north loop) on Enjoy the song! =)

Click on the star to see our riders on trail!Trail_rides,_specialty_rides_and_birthday_parties_files/