Summer trail riding clinics and introduction to endurance riding clinics

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We hope you find these programs

as adventurous and fun

as we did preparing them for you.

As always,

thinking of safety,



Hope to see you around!


50% DEPOSIT ................   APRIL 30

BALANCE DUE ............  MAY 31

We accept check, cash or Paypal

Paypal payments will include an additional 3% to cover their fees

Click on the Registration board to download the application form


Tami - January 2017

“I encourage everyone to embrace this summer camp full on! It was beyond anything I could have ever experienced and memories I will never forget!!! Unfortunately these many years later I have children of my own but they are all boys. If I had a daughter, this would definitely be on my list of opportunities and adventures for her to endeavor!!!”

Earnie - October 2016

“Miss M.... it's been a long time, thanks for the enjoyment you give us.”

Dwight - June 2014

"The most impressive thing was talking to one of the kids, in-fact the boy with the hat. His mother said he came home each day absolutely exhausted, and even fell asleep hunched over the ottoman. I asked him if he liked horse camp. He replied yes. I asked what his favorite part was, he said, "The riding". I then asked, "Was it worth riding a couple of hours a day with all the work you had to do with the horses, feeding, brushing, shoveling stalls, and tending to the horses needs?" He said, "Ohhhhh Yes". Then I asked him if he missed anything at home or would have rather done at home verses being at horse camp, he replied, "Nothing, I would have given up everything at home to be at horse camp!" Good Job Black Mustang Ranch"


                                          New Programs

Black Mustang Ranch offers very unique

trail riding clinics and introduction to endurance riding clinics

Youth - 12 - 16


Small groups

day or residential


Trail Riding Clinic


Beginner level


June 9-14

July 21-26

Up to FIVE riders per session

This program is the basic trail riding program. Improve the rider's stamina, based on a riding schedule that adds more time in the saddle combined with arena exercises, every day. Riding takes place at Lake Ray Robert’s State Park with a variety of terrains; up and down hills, crossing creeks, camp-out under the stars (on Thursdays), balance exercises inside the deep-sand arena, fun horse games to improve the rider’s ability and balance. Lots of good tips on trail riding and horsemanship.

Day Clinic                           $655 - includes breakfast and lunch.

Residential Clinic             $1,095 - includes all meals and accommodation.


Introduction to Endurance Clinic

Youth 14-17

Intermediate to advanced levels


July 7-12

TWO riders per session

unless you bring your own horse trailer

Train like an endurance rider.

We will visit a couple of equestrian parks in North Texas and Oklahoma.

Learn how to condition your horse for an endurance ride, heart rate, nutrition, how to camp with your horse in a safe manner, and much more!

Sleeping quarters inside horse trailer or in tents.

Limited showers and air conditioning =)

Residential Clinic :

    $1,200 per rider ~ up to two riders with BMR’s horses and trailer

    $750 for riders bringing their own horse(s) and trailer(s). Bring own feed.


Riders planning on bringing their own horse MUST condition their horse at least a month prior to these sessions. Please contact us should you need advice on how to get your horse ready.

These sessions are not for the ‘faint-of-heart’.

You will work hard and so will your horse!

Residential Quarters

Adult size bunk beds


up to



FREE water reservoir ‘Camelbak’ type.

Fills up to 1.5 liters of water.

2 big pockets for additional storage

Black Mustang Ranch logo and

North Texas Endurance Academy logo

Regular price: $75

The rider will learn to stay hydrated

while riding.

No more dropping bottles on trail!

FREE Black Mustang Ranch t-shirt

Short sleeve

Color gray

Black Mustang Ranch logo

North Texas Endurance Academy logo

~ ~ ~ ~ CUSTOM TRAIL CLINICS ~ ~ ~ ~

Would you like your own trail clinic for you and your group?

We can tailor one to your experience level.

Let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to put it together for you.